Discover the brilliance of 12 handpicked Korean fashion designers who will grace our event with their cutting-edge creations. Each designer brings a unique perspective, blending traditional influences with contemporary trends, making this showcase a melting pot of diverse and groundbreaking fashion statements.


Danha Kim

Expresses the beauty of Korea in fashion, inspired by traditional patterns, fabrics, and styles. The design of Danha, which encompasses tradition and modernity, can be worn not only for special occasions but also in everyday life.


Eont’s is focused on the vintage atmosphere of Korea. Eont’s pursues comfort and stability in many ways with pleasant color matches and simple stylings that break stereotypes.


Tibaeg is a brand that expresses the most tender human emotions through multifarious and colorful graphics. These elements evoke romance and nostalgia.


Contemporary woman’s brand. formal and casual styles mix & match with a twist. Good fabric and design give you the best fit.


In collab with Solanna

Although this brand is strong and splendid in appearance, based on the negative perception of the public. Each of the clothes has a positive meaning on the inside. Pursuit of peace based on punk culture.

Woojun Jang

Woojun Jang’s philosophy is to pursue slow fashion, including details that require manual work to enhance the completeness of the collection.

Subin Han

Namesake brand creates “fluidwear”, which is inclusive of a wider gender expression with an emphasis on juxtaposing feminine and masculine beauty in flamboyance.

Shoes & Accessories

Fino a Cinque

A shoes brand that suggests collection based on five keywords: comfort, unique, craftsmanship, timeless, sustainability. And also 5 centimeters.

Nifty Layer

Add to function to beauty. simple design values, high-class, practical and timeless beauty. Their design has been materialized through elegantly flowing lines and simple shapes.


Nuosmiq develops a high-end contemporary style with 100% handmade domestic manufacturing in all processes. Presenting designs never seen before through new upcycling design attempts every season.


The brand focuses on recycling waste materials, such as discarded PET bottles and fishing nets, found domestically in places like Seoul, Jeju, and Busan. They transform these materials into beautiful and fashionable bags through 100% recycling.

Riu & Viu

Reimagine history to create new stories. Beyond replicating the relics of the past, their work pursues relevance through combining the essence of traditional items with modern lifestyle.

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