Born from an idea by Ylenia Basagni fashion event manager and Marcella Di Simone, project&communication manager, both in collaboration with the agency Smart Eventi, Milan Loves Seoul is not just a project tied to Made in Korea fashion and beauty but aims to accelerate cultural exchange and dialogue between Italy and Korea.

Ylenia Basagni


Co-Founder and fashion event manager Ylenia Basagni (10 year organizing fashion and beauty events in Italy for national and international brands during Milan Fashion Week).

Ylenia is an extraordinary individual with a relentless passion for fashion and an unwavering commitment to our brand’s vision. Ylenia brings a wealth of experience and a keen eye for trends, thanks to her work organizing fashion show in Milan during MFW.

But beyond her professional achievements, Ylenia is an incredible person to work with especially for her interest in the oriental environment, thanks to her passion about Korean movies, music and lifestyle that she always reviews in her TikTok page!

Marcella Di Simone


The Co-Founder and project&communication manager Marcella Di Simone (7 years working in marketing, branding and social media for big and medium companies in Italy – now with her MDS Strategy Lab) is another of the mind behind this fashion project.

From crafting compelling social media campaigns to building meaningful relationships with influencers and media outlets, Marcella’a expertise ensures that our fashion project’s message resonates with our target audience.

Through captivating storytelling and captivating visuals, Marcella effortlessly captures the essence of our brand and conveys it to the world. Her ability to inspire and motivate others ensures that our fashion project flourishes as a collective effort, where every voice is valued and every idea is celebrated along with our vision.

Smart Eventi

event organization agency

Smart Eventi is a leading events agency based in Milan, combining creativity and expertise with a fresh and dynamic touch. We deliver the full spectrum of event planning services for a wide portfolio of clients and we cater to the needs of small companies and multinational corporations with the same steadfast commitment.

Over the years, we have created events and campaigns for a vast portfolio of clients, including Mazda, Peugeot, Decathlon, Patek Philippe and Hitachi.

Vision for the Future

Beyond Milan Fashion Week, Milan Loves Seoul aspires to position Seoul as a potential fifth fashion week destination, standing shoulder to shoulder with Milan, Paris, New York, and London. Our goal is to elevate Seoul’s fashion prominence on the global stage.

Why bring Korean culture and trends to Italy?

In recent years, Italy has become very close and interested about the Eastern world and especially the Korean culture, also thanks to fashion and cinematography.

01. Fashion and Beauty

Fashion and beauty are the factors that we believe have the greatest potential and big interest to the Italian public

02. Why bring Korean culture and trends to Italy?

Hallyu in Italy is expanding more and more thanks to k-pop, idols, k-dramas, k-beauty. This sounds good for italian public, as they represent an avant-garde lifestyle that quickly adapts to trends

03. What's our goal?

We want to introduce you to Italy in your true essence, the one we got to know in our experience in Seoul, especially making known the vibrant Korean culture.